Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"i was driving and could not stop"

Seen last night on my way home, at corner of NE Ainsworth and MLK in Portland:

After I shared it on my Facebook page last night, a friend immediately responded, saying she had seen the beautiful moon but was driving and could not stop. She thanked me for taking the picture.

She was driving and could not stop.

Well, that is sort of my point sometimes, as to why I choose to ride a bicycle.
Because I am always traveling slowly enough that if I want or need to stop, I can. And do.
I felt a little sorry for my friend, and for all my friends who cannot stop because they are driving cars.

In other news, There's a very thoughtful article over at about the state of Portland's bicycle landscape these days:
Frankly, now that I've done and experienced so many aspects of the scene, all I want to do these days is ride my bicycle, slowly enough that I can stop and admire the world whenever I want.

Happy riding.


rickrise said...

Beautiful, Beth! This one-step-to-the-world quality is one of my favorite things about riding. Too bad we can't use it in policy discussions; America still can't accept richness of experience as a justification for a social construct, so I harp on the economic benefits of biking.

Libraries have to sell themselves on fitting people for jobs and such to justify their funding often; that's a similar issue. But you dare not mention anything that makes life worth living once you've paid the rent.

Skullmans said...

Hello: Are you the Beth that has or had an orange single wheel trailer posted on Cyclofiend? I have been trying to find you to ask about that trailer. I have searched the net trying to find that trailer have posted on different bike Forums about it with no luck. If this is you can you help me out? I'm not sure how this works it is asking me to sign in using my Google account hopefully you can see it? Thanks Jeffrey Orting, WA

bikelovejones said...

Jeffrey -- I sold that trailer awhile back and switched to a Burley-styled trailer. Occasionally one of those shows u on eBay. Good luck.

Skullmans said...

Wow! You are the Beth with the Single Wheel Trailer! Thanks so much for responding! It’s a Pleasure Meeting You! You have no idea how much I have searched for a trailer like the one you had! How many times I asked in different forums if anyone had any info on it. I have never seen another like it. Do you remember if there was a Name for it or a Manufacture? I have a Burley Style Trailer as well but have been looking for a single Wheel that’s how I came across yours! I have since checked out some of the links you have posted. I’m impressed with your wrenching skills and the Bike Shop you are affiliated with! Wow, what a concept! I got back into Bicycles do to injuries and disabilities from a motorcycle accident. I find I’m almost normal on a bicycle! It has really helped in bringing my health back. I’m trying to be more dependent on the bikes hence the Trailers. I will keep an eye out on eBay! But if you ever come across another please let me know! When I’m down in Oregon I’ll make a point of dropping by the Shop! Again Thanks for Responding! Jeffrey

bikelovejones said...

Jeffery -- just found this on eBay:

Pretty sure this is what you're looking for.

2. I left the bicycle industry in 2012 and now work as a teacher and musician. Best of luck and happy riding!